Fnatic send Version1 home from VCT Masters 2

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Fnatic stomps Version1 in a clean 2-0 victory!

Fnatic dominated Version1 in the lower round 2 of the VCT Masters 2 tournament. The first map, Icebox(FNC's pick) was a pretty close map. The first half ended at an equal 6-6 scoreline. The match went to overtime as Version1 weren't ready to go home just now. Sadly, they lost the map at 12-14. The second map, Ascent(V1's pick) was the map where V1 seemed like they had lost hope. They lost the first half at 4-8 and the map at 6-13. It seemed like the strats they were using were easily read by FNC Boaster.

FNC Derke was the match MVP with 350 combat score and 55 kills to his name whereas, V1's IGL vanity was the team MVP with a 238 combat score and 36 kills to his name.

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Unfortunately, this was the end of the road for Version1. They finished 5th-6th in the tournament and take home 40,000usd.

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