Team Liquid defeat and advance to Lower Round 3

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Team Liquid took on KRU Esports in the Lower Round 2 at the VCT Masters 2 and it's safe to say that they are finding their groove back.

Representing Chile KRU Esports AKA The Pistol Kings faced EU giants Team Liquid at the lower round 2 at the VCT Masters 2 today. The first map, Split(KRU's pick) was a sight to behold as Liquid stomped on KRU as they won the first half at 10-2 and the match at 13-2. TL ScreaM popped off with a 35% headshot percentage and 21 kills on Split. The second map, Ascent was a bit of an even battle with KRU Esports being in the lead in the first half(7-5). The second half was where Team Liquid started making their comeback and eventually took the map(13-9) and the series at 2-0. Many viewers including me actually felt sad for KRU Esports as it seemed like they tried almost everything in their books and still couldn't get themselves a win.

TL ScreaM was the match MVP with a 327 combat score and 41 kills to his name and Klaus was the team MVP with 260 combat score and 31 kills to his name. ScreaM's headshots looked crisp and clean throughout the series.

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Team Liquid will now face Team Vikings at the Lower Round 3 and unfortunately, it's the end for KRU Esports in this tournament and they take home 25,000USD and a 7th-8th finish.

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