Call of duty mobile Battle Royale: Major problems

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The Call of duty mobile Battle Royale is plagued with many major problems that make the game very difficult to play. Some of the issues are the desync and latency problems. The Battle Royale is a very fun mode to play in the game with 100 players in every game. The last man standing wins the game eventually.

Call of duty mobile Battle Royale

Seat eject bug in Battle Royale

This bug has been in the game since last year and is still very prevalent in the current season. The glitch is such that when you are driving a vehicle in the game and exit the vehicle, then the bug launches you in the air with your wingsuit. The problem with this glitch is that when you do encounter the bug it gives your enemies an advantage as they can shoot you while you are gliding in the air. They have an edge over the gun fight and that most of the times kills you. Some YouTubers have addressed the bug on a number of occasions and yet the bug is still present in the game. One of such is by Parker the Slayer who is one of the best BR players in the game. You can watch the bug in action through this link.

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Eject Glitch

Footsteps Bug

This next bug occurs when you hear the footsteps of the knocked down enemies. You are not supposed to hear the footsteps of the enemies once you knock them, but this bug makes you hear their footsteps which distracts you from your game. This too has been addressed by the players and still no actions have been taken by the developers.

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Footsteps Bug

Broken Classes

Some of the battle royale classes are broken in the game as in they have some mal functions in their abilities. The Ninja class for example was designed in such a manner that your enemies will not hear your footsteps as you approach them. Currently that passive skill of the class is not working. Your enemies will still hear your footsteps even while you use your ninja class.

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Broken Class

Button registration

Some times while you press the shoot button the game does not register it and you die. This occurs in the BR as well as in the MP game mode. The shoot button does not register when you press it especially when you HipFire. This bug too causes you to lose that game.

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Button Registration

All of these bugs have made the game very frustrating especially if it keeps happening over and over again. The game developers have now launched the Recon Corps where the player can give direct feedback to the developers to fix the issues and problems in the game. You need to register to the survey in order to give the feedbacks. The link is provided below if you too want to help the developers fix the game.

Read about the direct feedback through Recon Corps