Live, COD Mobile event: Fight for Humanity

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COD mobile has a new event right now which is called the Fight for Humanity. This event will be live for 13 days and each day you will have to complete a new challenge to earn points. You will get to choose sides first and the points you contribute will help your team to win territories which in turn will give you rewards.

Fight for Humanity

COD mobile event rewards

The rewards you can earn during this event are the 8 rare skins, 4 epic skins and one legendary skin all for free. The winning side will get the winning price which is the epic ATV- Override.

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The event challenges

In this event each day you will get a new challenge like, use the ASM10 to earn points or play ranked MP matches and more. The duration for one challenge is 24 hours and the team with the highest score will be able to occupy the territory. At the end of the event the team with more territories occupied will win the entire event and get the winning prize.

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