Call of Duty Mobile: New Weapon “MP5” Guide

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MP5 is one of the most loved SMG’s in the Call of Duty franchise. It can be already seen in many games, including Modern Warfare. Now as the leaks about the next update of COD Mobile are already surfacing, the players are really excited about this deadly weapon in the game.

It was observed that a new gun is featured in the Public Test Server of COD Mobile with the name QQ9. But according to the looks and stats, it can be none other than the MP5. We are still not quite sure that whether it will continue with the same name in the global version or not. The developers might not just want to uplift there surprise yet or it may be a bug in the server.

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If we are to compare it with the existing PDW-57, the stats are similar in every sector except for the damage. Talking about the fire rate, it’s just too deadly and is only overtaken by MSMC. Mobility with this beast seems much easy and you can kill your enemies with the hip fire too. These traits make this weapon alike RUS-79U and Cordite.

Although, these stats are only a glimpse of this gun. Its actual power can only be felt in the real gameplay. ParkerTheSlayer tested it in a deathmatch and was really impressed by the gun. We got some estimated results and figures from other players like Hawsnest. Let's have a quick overview of this new weapon.

Controlling Recoil

As we have already talked about its high firing rate, it is not easy to control the aim. However, the recoil is mostly vertical and doesn’t get away from the target by many gaps. It can be controlled pretty easily, especially with a grip attached to it. This gun is all about aiming and showing some respect for its recoil. Once you have your hands on this gun properly, it would be a nightmare for the opponents.

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Estimated Shots to Kill

According to shots fired in the training room, it can be predicted that it requires 5 clear shots for a kill in close range combat (5 meters). As the distance gets increased, like maybe 30 meters, you will need to land at least 8 rounds on the enemy to knock him down. From all this data, the damage of each shot is around 20-24. Your opponents cannot take this gun lightly.

These stats are all likely to change once it is officially released in the COD Mobile. Make sure to use it and get those kills over your enemies.

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