PUBG Mobile: 5 Exclusive Features of Karakin

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Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

Karakin is going to be the latest addition in the PUBG Mobile community. It’s going to be the fifth map with a list of new and exciting features that no other map possesses in the game. The leaks about the releasing of the map are on the high end. It is estimated to be launched in the mobile version of the game in the upcoming patch notes. Today, we are going to disclose 5 exclusive features of Karakin.

Extra Ordinary Size

Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

After the release, it would be crowned as the smallest map in the game. The map is 2x2 in size, with almost 16 times smaller than the existing Erangel map. Despite any location you land, it is expected to get encountered in a fight in no time. If you are lucky, getting a sniper rifle, in the beginning, will increase your chances of survival. The developers were quite aware of this trick, so they escalated the AR spawn rate on the map.

Balanced 64 Players

Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

Everyone is already aware of the rules of the battlefield where 100 players compete to get that chicken dinner. But due to its small size, Karakin will only feature 64 players per match. It was a critical change to balance the things out. Players now can boost up their score with fewer opponents and more weapons.

Breakable Walls and Floors

Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

Campers are always hiding behind the walls and they seem to catch you off-guard almost every time. Players can now destroy some walls with sticky bombs to surprise their opponents. This would provide a different angle to flank at the campers. Moreover, some floors can be shot through to open new holes leading inside a building.

Underground Bunkers

Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

PUBG Mobile is first time featuring a three-level map, which means not only you would be able to climb high buildings, but can also go underground. These bunkers are known as “smuggler tunnels”. You can easily track their opening with special coverings than can be destroyed by grenades. No doubt, engaging combat down there would be hardcore due to lack of cover and unsuspected entries. Make sure you are fully loaded before stepping into these nasty tunnels!


Pubg mobile: 5 exclusive features of karakin

The name gives you a picture of the Redzone in other maps of the game. But the mechanism is quite contrary to what you are thinking. This is specially designed to push players out of the buildings. It is more dangerous as the building in the area will get destroyed into pieces. This enhances the combat engagements of players with each other.

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