ZEE5 Gaming to Expand with Gameloft

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An Indian Express report says that the ZEE5 is looking forward to establishing itself as an all-in-one platform. Business Head ZEE5, Rajneel Kumar, mentioned that they are going to expand the ZEE5 gaming platform. They will enter the field of Gaming, News, etc.

Seeking the challenge from various Chinese brands like TikTok and PUBG. Zee5 has decided to take over the Indian market by giving competition to these tech-giants. Zee5 might actually get benefited from it as a lot of people are against Chinese supremacy in Indian Tech market

The World of ZEE5 Gaming

The gaming industry is a vast source of entertainment for people around the world. Thus, recognizing the current upsurge of demand and traffic in the gaming industry has convinced Zee5 to enter this market.

As a result, ZEE5 approaches the European game studio Gameloft. Both ZEE5 and Gameloft agreed to feature 10 games on the Zee5.

A Zee5 executive also mentioned that they will be starting with casual racing, fighting, and puzzle games. The game section dedicated to Zee5 is available right now.

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The games available on Zee5 are available to other platforms as well. Thus, Zee5 is currently working on the new game titles with Gameloft Zee5. These games are just casual mobile games. The subsequent games will decide the future of Zee5 gaming and decide to enter into more serious games.

The gaming market is huge and I believe that these games are only for kids entertainment purposes. However, it would be interesting to see ZEE5 entering the core e-sports market!