Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode is coming soon

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Call of Duty: Mobile has become quite popular in a very short time, and a Zombie Mode is soon on the cards. This became evident after Activision tweeted, “The undead are coming.” in its latest post on Twitter

Also, the official community blog post states that the developers will be adding the Zombie Mode soon. So in the next big update, you can surely expect Zombies in the game. This mode was actually present even in the beta version of the game. But recently the option to play it was disabled even for the beta version of the game.

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According to Call of Duty: Mobile's latest blog post, the Zombie mode will be out before you even realise, claims the post. Social Media Channels of Call of Duty: Mobile will start pushing teasers of the new mode very soon.

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“Look to our social media channels as we prepare to show Zombies to the world!

“We share plenty through these Community Updates, but our social media channels have screenshots, videos, and more to share that you may not see here.

“As we get further into November, we eagerly wait to share more information with you all about upcoming events, whether it is modes, challenges, new gear or skins, gameplay changes, or additions.”

What else can we expect in the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Mode update?

Some fans or people on Reddit, think that developers may introduce the "Zombie mode" once the Season 2 of the game kicks in sometime in late November. Maybe they are waiting for the Halloween celebrations to end (November 25). Also, Controller support will be added in a few more weeks to come. Bluetooth controller support is expected to be added by the end of November.

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The CoD blog said, “Just a quick note, but we are planning to release controller support soon and are just finalizing the specifics of how it will be working in the game, specifically with matchmaking,”

“Keep checking back for more on this as we get closer to release.” Said the blogpost.

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