Rainbow Six Siege "Shifting Tides" New Operators Revealed

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Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 will be titled as 'Shifting Tides'. And just like preceding seasons, the new Season will reportedly add some new Operators to the game.

Team Rainbow will be getting two new Operators in Shifting Tides as One Attacker (Kali) and One Defender (Wamai). Kali happens to be a very wealthy leader of a triumphant private military force whereas Wamai is a former Kenyan Navy Special Force Man who now works for Kali.

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More about Kali and Wamai

Kali will be the first Operator to possess a bolt-action sniper rifle as her primary weapon along with a heavy-duty weapon. The weapon fires bullets that are strong enough to seep into destructible walls and other Operators, which kills enemies ducking behind the walls or other fellow teammates. Kali also sports an LV Explosive Lance (A Gadget), which acts as an under-barrel projectile that rips the walls ( It doesn't even spare reinforced walls) and destroys every other gadget within its radius once it's on the enemy's side.

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Wamai has nothing extraordinary with respect to firearms or weapons, but you won't mind it all as he has with him one of the coolest gadgets that this game has witnessed. "The Mag-Net System" lets Wamai attach robust magnets on almost any surface. These magnets start their job when they detect any kind of projectiles moving at a certain speed (things quicker than someone walking but slower than a bullet, or a thrown grenade) and pull them away before they explode. If carefully placed, Wamai can utilize his unique Mag-Net System to prompt Attackers to grenade a hostage, flashbang on themselves, or for stimulating opposite Operators like Ash or Capitão to accidentally use their own gadgets against their teammates.

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Rainbow Six Siege can be currently played on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The next version of the game, Rainbow Six Quarantine, is slated to release next year.

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