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The Battle Pass is back with its legendary grinding map - The Cavern Crawl! This year it's back with two maps instead of one - Nightsilver and Foulfell.

The basic aim of players is to crawl through the maze-like cavern by completing games using a specific hero mentioned. Each room can be unlocked by playing that hero. Once a room is unlocked you are rewarded and given multiple new paths to other rooms. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of tips and tricks on how to complete these maps efficiently and gain those spectacular rewards!

Introduction to Cavern Crawl
Introduction to Cavern Crawl

You stumble upon a hero. There are two ways of defeating it without using any help.

  1. Play and win a Normal All-pick or Ranked match.
  2. Play and win two Turbo matches.

You will face multiple obstacles such as:

  1. Chasm - It will block your path, and cannot be crossed.
  2. Fractal Mirror - It blocks your path but can be shattered.
  3. Mystery Challenge.
Cavern Crawl Map Legend
Cavern Crawl Map Legend containing description of obstacles and consumable tools

Upon reaching the Oracle it will reveal the location of a high-value reward. This all may sound difficult, but don't worry! You are given an Inventory in which you can store consumable tools that will make your crawl easier. 

Consumable tools found on the way:

  1. Sacred Arrow - It can be used in shattering Fractal Mirrors.
  2. Rocket Flare - These can be used to scout unexplored rooms.
  3. Netherswap Wand - Used to swap the current hero with a random one.
  4. Culling Blade - Damages an existing hero, or kills a wounded hero that was defeated once in Turbo.

Rewards found in the Cavern Crawl maps: 

  • In Nightsilver:
    • 2000 Battle Points and 1000 Dota Plus Shards [XL Bundle]
    • 250 Battle Points and 125 Dota Plus Shards [Points Bundle]
    • 3 hero sets
    • 9 Style Unlock Fragments
    • 3 Foulfell keys - required in order to unlock the Foulfell map
  • In Foulfell:
    • Treasure containing 1000 Battle Points and 500 Dota Plus Shards [XL Bundle]
    • Treasure containing 125 Batlle Points and 75 Dota Plus Shards [Points Bundle]
    • 18 Style Unlock Fragments

The three hero sets that are rewarded are:

  1. Tellurian Trespass - Slark [Carry]
  2. The Age of Gilded Worship - Nyx Assassin [Utility]
  3. Echoes of Ultoria - Spirit Breaker [Support]
Cavern Crawl Set Rewards
Cavern Crawl Set Rewards

When you receive the sets, you unlock the first style automatically. The second style unlock can be found by collecting fragments in the Nightsilver map. The third style unlock can be found in the Foulfell map.

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This is all you need to know before you start the Cavern Crawl. Happy grinding!