Cavern Crawl Tips and Tricks | TI 10 Battle Pass | Dota 2

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This year Valve introduced two brand new huge Cavern Crawl maps: Nightsilver and Foulfell. Completing all rooms seems like a far fetched dream. Imagine the number of hours you will need to invest in order to grind both maps.

Cavern crawl map: Nightsilver
NIghtsilver map
Cavern crawl map: Foulfell
Foulfell map

Traversing through the two huge maps can be troublesome. Especially if you do not play all the heroes present in the game.

Don't worry! We got your back.

Cavern Crawl Legend for consumables
Cavern Crawl Legend for consumables

Using this comprehensive Tips and Tricks guide, completing all the rooms in both maps is no longer a far fetched dream. What are you waiting for? Get those rewards. Happy grinding!

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