Cavern Crawl Tips and Tricks | TI 10 Battle Pass | Dota 2

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This year Valve introduced two brand new huge Cavern Crawl maps: Nightsilver and Foulfell. Completing all rooms seems like a far fetched dream. Imagine the number of hours you will need to invest in order to grind both maps.

Cavern crawl map: Nightsilver
NIghtsilver map
Cavern crawl map: Foulfell
Foulfell map

Traversing through the two huge maps can be troublesome. Especially if you do not play all the heroes present in the game.

Don't worry! We got your back.

Here are come amazing Tips and Tricks you can use in order to efficiently complete your Cavern Crawl:

  1. Which path to take?

    Although it is instinctive to go straight from either Carry, Utility or Support directly to the set, it highly advisable not to do that. Instead you should go diagonally to the Oracle to reveal your high value reward first.

  2. How to optimize path?

    Once you get an idea of the paths diagonally, you can then start to branch out by using your consumable tools that you have collected on your way. By doing this you minimize the possibility of completing a hero twice.

  3. Using the Mystery Challenge to our advantage.

    Always keep the Mystery Challenge ready in hand for the right time. By using it at the right time you can complete the path to two rooms at once if it coincides with another hero. By doing this you can even complete three rooms at once. This will save your time while you progress.

  4. How to use a Rocket Flare?

    Use Rocket Flares either to determine where further obstacles could be or to determine how to combine two rooms in one as mentioned above.

  5. How to use a Netherswap Wand?

    Use Netherswap Wands if you are facing difficulty in completing a hero. It can either be a tough hero that you do not know how to play or in general, a hero that is giving you a tough time.

  6. How to use a Sacred Arrow?

    Use Sacred Arrows to shatter a Fractal Mirror obstacle if and only if, the next hero is either easy or can be combined as mentioned before.

  7. How to use a Culling Blade?

    Lastly, Culling blade is one of the most beneficial tools that are dropped. Suppose you complete a match in Turbo with a specific hero thereby wounding it. That is a suitable time to use it, if you don't want to play that specific hero again in Turbo. Otherwise you can also use Culling Blades on a hero twice in order to permanently eliminate it without even playing the specific hero.

Cavern Crawl Legend for consumables
Cavern Crawl Legend for consumables

Using this comprehensive Tips and Tricks guide, completing all the rooms in both maps is no longer a far fetched dream. What are you waiting for? Get those rewards. Happy grinding!

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