COD mobile 5 best tips for beginners.

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COD mobile is a free to play first player perspective shooter game. The other titles are COD Modern Warfare, Black Ops etc. This is the mobile version of the game. What the beginners must know is that the game is simple to play and you just need practice, some of tips can be of help to many of the players.

Tip#1 Leveling up

You need to lever up your XP, this will allow you to unlock new guns, perks, score streaks etc. Once you unlock everything then you need to try out every weapon that you feel you are comfortable with.

Maxed level

Tip#2 Using the Best Guns

You should be using the gun with out performs all the other guns in that particular season of the game. The guns keep receiving buffs and nerfs, which is why you need to be updated with the stats every season. When you use the best guns in the game, it gives you an advantage over the other players, especially when you play the Ranked modes. Currently the best guns in the game are the DRH and the ASM10.

Tip#3 Playing with friends

It is very important that you gather your friends or make in game friends who would play with you. This is important because you will need to have communication with your teammates as it is a multiplayer game. It would be easier if you can speak with your teammates who will help you out during matches. Apart from having a good communication, playing with your friends also help to provide for a player XP bonus which will help you level up faster.

team on
Playing with your squad

Tip#4 Choose your game style

Once you get the hang of the game then you can select your playing style, which can either be rushing into fights or camping and taking your time to play the match. Different game modes demand different styles of play, games like Domination, Hardpoint and Search and Destroy need you to play an objective game. Game modes like Team Deathmatch, Frontline etc need you to play aggressively in order to win the match.

Tip#5 Perks and Operator Skills.

Along with your main weapons you need to select three perks that will help you throughout your match. Perks like Flak Jacket, Vulture and High Alert are the best ones in the game, these perks have their own categories in which they help you. The operator skill is a special weapon set that activates as you continue with your match, you have the Gravity spikes, Death Machine, War Machine, Tempest and many more. The best operator skill at the moment is the Annihilator, which maybe beaten by the new weapon the Gravity Vortex which is coming out in a few days.

annihilator on
Current best Operator Skill

Perks Description

  • The Flak Jacket perk helps to reduce the damage dealt during explosions.
  • The Vulture perk allows you to pick up your gun's ammo after killing your enemy.
  • The High Alert perk makes your screen flash slightly which is a warning showing that an enemy has spotted you but who is not visible to you.