5 new lineups after the Split 2.01 update on Split B site

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We got a new patch out yesterday, which introduced the reworked Split 2.01. While the whole map was updated, the B site seems completely new.

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The older Split was regarded as 'defender-friendly' and the new changes have made Split more balanced, and given the Attackers more space.

Since the map has been heavily reworked, we have lost a significant number of the lineups that existed before patch 2.01 especially on the B site. The Split 2.01 rework will open up new ways and new lineups though.

You should hit the custom ground ASAP to explore the new things in Split. However, to make your life easier, we have compiled a list of new lineups on the new Split 2.01.

New lineups on the new Split 2.01

All lineups are for the B site. You can use these lineups both at the start of the round, or post-plant.

Brimstone's Molly to new plant area

The plant area on B has been extended slightly to make it easier for the attacker to defend the spike from B main. However, this Brimstone lineup covers that area from B defenders' lobby itself.

Cypher's one-way cage for B main

The B main door is wider after patch 2.01. Though this lineup was there before the update, here is how to do the new way.

Sage's wall on the new box

Among other things, a new box has also been added in the plant area in front of B Haven. This new lineup can boost Sage onto the new box. After the boost, Sage can cover all three entries to the B site. This is a great lineup for those early-round picks.

Viper's Molly on B default

After the new update, you can longer molly B default from defenders' spawn. This new lineup allows you to molly the same spot from B lobby on Split.

Viper's Molly on new plant area

Similar to Brimstone, Viper can also molly on the new extension to the B plant area. This lineup is a bit difficult to execute though. Watch the video above.

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These lineups are pretty basic and easy to remember. Do let us know in the comments below if you got some pretty advanced lineups. Also let us know your views on the Split 2.01 rework.

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