COD Mobile 2021:Outside the Map, Reclaim.

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You can get outside the Reclaim map in the new COD mobile season. Here is how you have to do it to get to the other side of the map.

Outside the Map spot #1

For the first spot you will need to get to the first floor and near the broken balcony you will need to place your Transform Shield and then place it on the balcony ledge. Then you need to climb on the shield and from there you can get to the roof of the top floor. These spots should however be used only in private matches otherwise there is a high chance that your account might get banned.

Outside the Map

Outside the Map spot #2

The second spot is right next to the escalator, for this glitch you need to have a Shield Turret and a Transformation Shield. You need to place the Shield Turret right next tot the wall and then hop on to use it. This will get you to the other side of the map after which you need to place your Transform shield to help you to explore the entire region outside the map. If you do not use the Transform shield then you will be teleported back inside the map.

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Outside the Map spot #3

This spot is right next to the second one. Here you will have to place your Shield turret next to the room which is inside the map. Hopping onto it will get you inside that room which is a library. Then again you will need to use the Transform shield to explore the room. There is no other way of getting inside the room. This spot is actually usable as you can shoot out of the windows and the spot is such that no one expects you to be there.

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Outside the Map spot #4

This final spot is actually on the left side of the big tree in the map. You need to place the shield turret on the left side of the tree next to the barricade. Hopping onto the shield turret will take you to the other side of the map and then you need to place your transform shield and you are now free to explore the entire map. This spot lets you explore more areas and you can go till the end of the map. For the gameplay you can watch one of IFerg videos where he shows you how to do all these glitches.

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These Glitches are in the game not for you to exploit and abuse. It can be used for your personal fun in a private match and not in a public one otherwise you account can be banned as mentioned above.

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