COD mobile 5 best BR tips

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The battle royale is a platform with 100 players and the last man standing wins the game. Some of the BR tips discussed will increase your chances of wining the game. The tips include the guns, loot zones, playing style and more.

BR Tip#1 Landing zone

The battle royale beings with the player jumping off the plane and collecting his weapons and other loots. The areas are marked with orange for the high tire loot zones and the floating platform is the best place to secure the best loot in that game. The floating platform has the highest number of players landing as they all want the best loot to start off the game. If you are a beginner it is advised that you land away from the floating platform, say at the corner of the map.

BR tip
Example of Loot Zones

BR Tip#2 Weapons

Once you land you should not be picky with your loot. Collect whatever you are offered and then work your way into collecting you loot. Remember to keep the auto loot option turned on so that it is easier for out to pick up the loot. The first things you should ensure to get is the vest and medics. The vest will protect you from damage dealt and the medic will recover the lost HP. For the weapon take whatever you get and then once you find an AK47, drop whatever you have and take that gun. The AK47 is the best gun for the Battle Royale.

Ak47 battle royale on

BR Tip#3 Squad

You should play the battle royale with your friends or even if you play with strangers make sure that you all communicate with them. It is much easier to communicate and play the game which is a lot more fun as well. You will also have to look out for your teammates and help each other with cover and supplies. Your teammates will help you win the game eventually. The strategies should be formed as in who will be the lookout and who will be the Scout etc.

BR Tip#4 Combinations

The ultimate combination in the battle royale is to have 150HP of health which can be acquired by the adrenaline, level 3 armor, armor plates and the best guns, i.e. the AK47 and the M4. With all these you will have a better chance of winning the match as most of the players will have lower level equipments than you.

BR Tip #5 BR Class

Each time you start a game you get to choose your special skill/class, ranging from the Scout, EMP Drone, Trap Master, Clown etc. Two of the best classes in the game are the Trap Master and the Smoke Bomber.

Trap Master and Smoke Bomber

The Trap Master is a skill that allows you to set up electric traps which are invisible to the enemies and once they run through it, it slows them down and injures them. This gives you the advantage as you can quickly kill them or knock them. The Smoke bomber on the other hand lets you throw a couple of smoke bombs that prevents your enemies from seeing you while you have the vision of your enemies in red. You will be able to spot the enemies inside the smoke easily and give you the field advantage to kill them.