Boost to C Box in Haven like this in Valorant

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Here is how to jump to Haven C Box, without Jett, in Valorant.

Being on unexpected positions in a tac-shooter like Valorant wields you an immense advantage. You get that advantage while your opponents figure out your position. Now, being on a higher ground than your opponents also has advantages.

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There are so many spots on all maps in Valorant that you can't get to normally, you would need to be either Jett or Raze, or you must have a Sage in your team. One such spot on Haven is C Box. You can boost to the C Box only with the help of the above-mentioned agents normally.

However, players have been finding new ways to boost to the Haven C Box ever since the beta version of Valorant. All those tricks keep being patched and none of the older ones are available, however, we have new ways by which you can boost to the Haven C site box.

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Here is how to jump on Haven C Box with any agent in Valorant.
This method works regardless of the agent you select.

  1. Get on the logs on Haven C

    On Haven B logs in valorant

    First of all you have to get on the logs to be able to jump on the smaller box.

  2. Jump on the smaller box

    Agent is jumping on lower box on Haven B in Valorant

    After getting on the logs, you have to jump on the smaller box, adjoining the main one which is our target.

  3. Face towards the logs

    facing towards the logs on Haven B on

    You need to face towards the logs so that you can jump on the bigger box.

  4. Jump and Crouch simultaneously towards the box

    This is the ultimate step to boost on haven b box in Valorant

    Now this is the ultimate step. You need to Jump and Crouch at the same time towards the bigger box in the same fashion as you do on Bind B Hookah.

  5. Enjoy

    agent is on the haven b box

    You are on the Box now, happy hunting.

Although the hack is very tough to pull off, and sometimes doesn't even happen, you can catch your opponents off-guard if you successfully manage to do it while in game.

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Jumping and Crouching at the same time can be very tough. For testing this trick out to get that perfect lineup, you can assign both 'Jump' and 'Crouch' to the same key.

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It took me around 20 attempts to pull it off, do let us know in the comments below about yours.

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