PUBG Mobile Runic Power Guide | Learn Every Detail About 3 Rune Powers

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Many players are not yet able to understand the concept of the PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode available in the game. This is the reason you must go through the full guide to get your hands on these magical items.

pubg mobile runic power guide

It has been a couple of days since the players got a brand-new feature in the PUBG Mobile. The Runic Power Mode is considered to be the most amazing update that has even come in the game. This is the reason that the whole community is quite excited about trying these new items. However, there are some players who are still struggling to understand the ways to use them. Therefore, this guide will help you to understand everything that you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Runic Power.

Basics of PUBG Mobile Rune

pubg mobile runic power guide

There are a total of 3 different types of Runic Powers available for the players. Each of them has a unique ability that can be used in the match. They all come with offensive use and defensive use. Therefore, you can use them as per the situation during the match. Moreover, for the time being, they are only introduced in the Erangel map and thus you can't play it in any other maps in PUBG Mobile.

#1 Flame Rune

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As we are about to start, the first thing that we are going to discuss is the Flame Rune. There is no doubt in the fact that flame is one of the deadliest element among all the three available in the mode. There are two types of uses for this PUBG Mobile Runic Power,

  • Magma Wheel- This produces a flame barrel that rolls forward in the enemy territory. It is quite tanky and also damages everything that comes in the path. You can use it to damage the enemy as well as create a cover to move forward.
  • Scorching Ammo- As the name suggests, once activated it will cause gradual damage to the opponents after getting shot. This prevents the enemy to sneak with low HP as it will deal damage to their health.

#2 Wind Rune

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Moving further, the next PUBG Mobile Runic Power is the Wind Rune. Similar to the previous rune, it also has two different powers to eliminate your enemies.

  • Wind Shelter- As you activate it, there will be a protective shield covering you and your teammates. This shield will reduce the incoming damage of bullets by 50%. Thus, it can be helpful while fighting several enemies at once.
  • Wind Boost- Wind Power helps you to run and move faster in the game. This is quite useful when you have to get to the zone or flask your enemies. Moreover, this will also increase the reload speed of the guns.

#3 Arctic Power

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At last but not least, we have Arctic PUBG Mobile Runic Power on the list. This is inspired from the chilly cold glaciers of Arctic and hence the two different modes of this power are,

  • Ice Wall- There are several players who often complain about getting killed due to lack of cover. Thus this PUBG Mobile Runic Power will help you to create a temporary wall of ice around you. It is quite bulky and can withstand heavy firing but can be easily destroyed using melle weapons
  • Freezing Ammo- When you shoot your enemy with the bullet after activating this power, their speed will slow down. Moreover, it will take more time for the enemies to heal and fight back.

We hope that all the mentioned points in this guide will help you to use the PUBG Mobile Runic Powers more effectively. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.

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