Cod Mobile Battle Royale 2 best guns comparison

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In Cod Mobile Battle Royale the best gun by far is the AK47 and the M4. Both these guns are assault rifles and have a very steady kill rate with good damage. The base version of the AK47 is capable of knocking down your enemy with a level 3 vest in one magazine.

The AK47

The AK47 is a very powerful gun in COD mobile battle royale as it has a very high damage per shot, which makes it a very effective and versatile weapon. We notice many of the Youtubers use the AK47 because of how good it is. Majority of the players prefer using this gun over any other which makes it all the better. The AK47 is a weapon which can be used easily for the close range fights and with the right attachments, even at longer ranges. You can create your own loadout and use your personal gun from the Air drop.

AK47 Best Loadout For Battle Royale

BarrelOWC Ranger
MuzzleOWC Light Compensator
UnderbarrelRanger Foregrip
AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag B
StockMIP Strike Stock
AK47 Best Loadout
Best Ak47 Loadout
Best AK47 loadout

The M4

The M4 as we know is not a favorite in the multiplayer game modes but in the BR, it is a beast of a gun. This gun has absolutely no recoil even at long distances. The M4 may not be as powerful as the AK47 at close distances but as the distance increases the M4 stats to shine. It has a large magazine capacity as well as decent damage range. The M4 is one of the guns that is very rare to find in loot boxes which is why you will most likely need to get it from the custom weapons from the Airdrop. Once you have the M4 it will not disappoint you.

M4 Best Loadout For Battle Royale

BarrelOWC Marksman
MuzzleOWC Light Compensator
LaserOWC Laser- Tactical
Ammunition50 Round Extended Mag
StockNo Stock
M4 Best Loadout
Best M4 Loadout
Best M4 Loadout

Dominating BR

All you need to do is get these two weapons in your game and be rest assured to be placed top 3 or win the game if you play your cards right. The Ak47 can be used for short distances while the M4 can be used for your long-range fights. Pair them with an adrenaline and a level 3 vest and you are the god inside that game.