Cod Mobile 7 Best season 2 leaks

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Season 2 leaks for call of duty mobile is here. They have released a test server for the same and these leaks are in that test server. These leaks may or may not be in the actual release of the new season but it is there in the test servers.

Season 2 leaks: Change in the grindable camos

The Damascus and the Diamond camo of the guns seem to be changed. The Damascus camo has been made much better but the diamond camo has been changed. Now the diamonds are pink in color rather than being the shinny diamond. This may not be the best looking camo in the game any more.

season 2 leaks
Pink Diamond Camo

Season 2 leaks: New Perks

Overlock perk- This is the class red perk which makes you charge your operator skill faster.

Screenshot 20210208 095539 YouTube1 on
Overlock Perk

Recon Perk- This is the green class perk, what this does is that once you kill your enemies the surrounding area become a sort of a mini UAV which marks the locations of the opponents.

Screenshot 20210208 095555 YouTube1 on
Recon Perk

Skillful Drop shot- this is the blue class perk and it somehow makes your drop shots more accurate by letting you ADS while drop shooting.

Screenshot 20210208 095603 YouTube1 on
Skillful Dropshot Perk

Season 2 Leaks: New Scorestreak

This new score streak will be the Napalm Strike from Black Ops 1. This will become the costliest score streak even outclassing the VOLT Warship at 1800 points. This will be an airstrike that destroys an area that it is assigned to.

Screenshot 20210208 100300 YouTube1 on
The Napalm Scorestreak

Season 2 Leaks: New Operator Skill

This new operator skill is another shield. This one is a bit different from the transform shied and the ballistic shield. In this one you will get a smaller shield but you will ram your enemies with it. You running towards your enemies with this shield will instantly kill them.

Screenshot 20210208 095618 YouTube1 on
New Operator Skill

Season 2 Leaks: New BR Class, Cluster Strike

It is the new class added to the BR classes where you can select an area in the mal where you can call in your air strike. This will be similar to the cluster strike we have in the MP as a score streak.

Screenshot 20210208 095648 YouTube1 on
Cluster Strike Class

Season 2 Leaks: 3 New maps

This time around we are getting three new maps in the new update. The maps are a small scale ones where SMG will be the go to weapon for many.

The oasis map is one of them which is a medium ranged map set in the Mediterranean region.

Screenshot 20210208 095703 YouTube1 on
The Oasis

The next map is the Shoot House which is another modern warfare map and is the closest range maps in the game.

Screenshot 20210208 095747 YouTube1 on
The Shoot House

The third map is Shipment which is similar to Shipment 1944. This one is set in the modern era and looks to be in the shipment docks.

Screenshot 20210208 095812 YouTube1 on
The Shipment

Season 2 Leaks: New Weapons

We are getting two more new weapons which will be an assault rifle and a marksman rifle. The SKS is yet to come out in the current season and we already have the leaks for another one in the game.

The assault rifle is the AS Val , this was present in previous call of duty titles and some of them had it as an assault rifle, SMG, sniper rifle but we are getting it as an assault rifle. This gun had great damage in the other titles and is expected to have the same in cod mobile.

Screenshot 20210208 111750 YouTube1 on
The AS V

The other weapon is the SPR 208, this will have a very high damage range but slow time to kill as the boult action will slow down the fire rate.

Screenshot 20210208 111805 YouTube1 on
The SPR 208

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