Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Leaks | Best Features | Latest Update

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is on the brink of getting over. According to the players, it proved to be one of the most popular seasons in the franchise. It brought various maps like Gulag & Tunisia. Players were definitely busy enjoying the new weapons such as Chopper, along with the new gun skins. No doubt, the Season 7 was a great experience but community is always eager for the new season as well. This is the right place where you will find all the details and leaks about the next update.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Release Date

If we explore the official Twitter handles of COD Mobile, they uploaded a post that mentioned about the “last week of Season 7!”. Also, if we look at on-going events prevailing in the game, they all will end on 11th July, 2020. Not only this, Garena has promised to hit a major update on 11th July as well.

Thus, taking all the aspects into consideration, Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 will release on 11th July 2020. If we talk about the battle pass of the corresponding season, it will be launched a day later, ie. 12th July.

Season 8 Theme

The developers did not open their mouth much to reveal out any information regarding the theme of Season 8, but have assured that it would be based on a military theme. This will enhance the gameplay even more.

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Call of Duty Season 8 Leaks

On the positive note, this season is believed to be based on Air Force. This leak is supported by the fact that a new map- Highrise is being added to the game. This map is built on a skyscraper and features some AirForce vehicles all along.

New Map- HighRise

The introduction of a new map is already confirmed and the developers have made a brand new map with unique features. It will be launched in the upcoming Season 8.

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‘Highrise’ is a medium sized map that will revolutionise the gaming experience. It features two under-construction skyscrapers build on the opposite sides of the area. They are connected through underground tunnels and consists of various openings.

In addition to this, an elevated helipad is present in the middle of the map. Players will get enough cover points to wait for their enemies. Also, the high locations will create a perfect spot for the snipers. Also, keep a check on the tunnel openings as you will not be wanting some unexpected guests in your territory.

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Latest Operator Skill- Takeo’s Katana

This skill was highly anticipated to get featured in Season 7, but now is coming along with the new update of Season 8.

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This skill will help you to switch from FPP to the TPP view and win the battle against your opponents in close range. Also, if your aim is off in close combats, it will provide an aim assist, just similar to other Annihilator operator skills possess.

New Perks

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 New Perk Quick Fix 1024x473 1 on

Some of the perks were not released in the Season 7 due to some technical issues. But now COD Mobile is all set to get some brand new perks in the Season 8. The list of upcoming perks is as follows:

  • Overkill (Red Perk)- Overkill perk will benefit you to carry two primary weapons on your back. Simply, you can now carry two rifles simultaneously. (No change in picking one SMG and a rifle)
  • Quick Fix (Green Perk)- now the health generation would be faster while killing your enemies or during capturing the objectives.
  • Sharpnel (Blue Perk)- this will enable you to carry one extra piece of deadly equipment. Once you activate this perk in your loadout, the explosive damage will reduce the health regeneration time of your enemy.

We will keep posting about more update leaks in the future. Make sure to share it with your friends.