CODM 3v3 gunfight game mode release date revealed

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The CODM 3v3 gunfight game mode was already leaked in our previous articles and now we have the actual release dates. It was confirmed by the game developers just today.

COD Mobile 3v3 gunfight game mode release date revealed

The game mode is set to release on the 5th of February at 12am GMT. The other time zones are 4pm PT, 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 4pm PT. The game mode will be played in the following maps, Reclaim, Gulag, Cage, Pine, Shipment and king. All of which are small sized map for an intense match.

How does the CODM 3v3 gunfight game mode work?

This mode is similar to the 2v2 mode which we played earlier in the game. This time you get three teammates each and will have to compete against the opponents. The guns will be selected at random and you will have to fight with that weapon itself. There will be 6 rounds and the first to six wins the match.

codm 3v3 gunfight game mode is coming, release date revealed
3v3 mode is coming in COD Mobile

The mode will also have a timer with each round lasting to a maximum of 40 seconds after which you will have to capture a flag if the players are not dead by then. If the match still draws even after the flag spawns then the team with the highest HP will win that round.

Loading screen of CODM 3v3 gunfight game mode
3v3 Mode

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