CSGO Linux Trusted Launch Bug [Fix] | How to fix Trust Factor on Linux

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  • CSGO wasn't launched in Trusted mode?
  • You might be affected by the CSGO Linux Trusted Launch Bug.
  • Here is how to fix Trust Factor and launch CSGO in Trusted Mode.

Ever since CSGO has released the Trusted Launch update, bugs are just pouring in, irrespective of the host OS. First, the game blocked many useful apps on Windows and now it has been found that CSGO Linux is not launching in Trusted Mode altogether. Even if you don't use the '-insecure parameter'. And the worst part is that the bug has not been noticed for over a month. However, everyone is not affected by this 'CSGO Linux Trusted Launch Bug'. So if your TF is going down, you might want to continue reading this post.

Csgo linux trusted launch bug. Csgo wasn't launched in trusted mode?

Read how to fix the same bug on Windows.

How to check and fix if you have been affected by the CSGO Linux trusted launch bug?

To check if you have been affected by this bug, just hit 'trusted_mode_info', if it returns 'CSGO wasn't launched in Trusted mode', your trust factor might be affected.

Now that you know the issue, we are very close. To fix the 'CSGO Linux Trusted Launch Bug', just add '-trusted' to your launch option.

I suggest you check your Trust Factor, if it has been affected severely, you can contact the devs on Github. Since this is absolutely not your fault, the devs will sure fix your TF.

Also, you might want to share this article on your social media channels so that the users who don't even know about the issue don't suffer. You can always let us know in the comments below if you fixed this issue with some other method or if you are encountering some other issue with CSGO Linux Trusted Launch.

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