Trusted Launch Failed Fix | CSGO Fails To Launch In Trusted Mode | Update 7/9/2020 Error Fix

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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [CS:GO] has added Trusted Launch in its latest update
  • The update has been rolled out in an attempt to stop cheaters
  • But 'trusted launch failed' is already trending on Google
  • It seems like the game blocks a vast number of other software

Soon after downloading the CS: GO latest update, players started to get an error which says, "Attempts to launch CSGO in trusted mode have failed. Trusted mode is not active and a report has been filed for diagnosis. To retry launching CSGO in trusted mode please restart the game." It seems that the new Trusted Mode is blocking a large number of useful apps such as OBS, Discord, Spotify, and ROG Sonic Studio. Can't blame Valve for this, they clearly say that they have the right to block anything that interferes with the game in any way. But the most frustrating thing is that the program isn't able to detect which software is causing the error.

Read how to fix the Linux version of the bug.

What you can do?

csgo trusted launch failed

Now that you know the root cause of the issue, you have three ways to continue playing your favorite CSGO.

  1. Run in Beta
  2. Disable Trusted Mode
  3. Disable the error causing programs

Running the game in Beta fixes the 'Trusted Launch Failed' problem. You can run the game in beta by selecting in the beta tab of properties. Another fix for this issue is that you disable Trusted Mode but this method has its complications like you won't be able to join VAC enabled server and, this will also reduce your trust factor. Now the only option left for you is to disable the problem causing programs.

It seems that just closing the Trusted Launch error causing programs is not sufficient. You will have to get them uninstalled. Now the issue is, how to find the apps which are causing the 'Trusted Launch Failed' error. Worry not, for we have the solution!

Troubleshooting And Footnote

While Valve has not released anything about this 'Trusted Launch Failed' error, these methods should solve the issue for you. It may be that you are having a completely different issue and you might have fixed the issue with some other way. In any case, do let us know about this on Facebook or Discord so we can publish it and help others as well.