Death Stranding Review: A Hideo Kojima's walking Sims.

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Death Stranding Review: Introduction

After the split between Konami and Kojima, the first game to be released by Kojima Studios is 'Death Stranding'.

The plot of the game is as confusing as the title itself.

In the game, you play as 'Sam', a delivery man in the future who's task is to connect all the links between the cities of USA by completing deliveries while keeping a watch on time speeding monsters called BT's which can be detected by a bridge baby which will always be at your disposal.

I know it seems quite confusing but what more can you expect from Kojima, a legend who is famous for his Metal Gear Solid and Silent hill games.

Although Kojima Studios are very ambitious with their ideas this game is not up to to the hype that audiences were expecting.

First and foremost the intriguing storyline is what keeps the player hooked on the game through the first few episodes and eventually becomes repeating till the end. Delivery missions become a real pain as they get longer and longer with an increased amount of cargo and involves a lot of backtracking.

Why should I play Death Stranding?

On the brighter side, the gameplay is very smooth and the mechanics used in this game have set a standard to future games coming by, such as using the bridge baby to detect the BT's, providing real-life like character where you have to balance hunger, weight, emotional levels and much more.

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The only thing that keeps the trips not much of a pain is because of the amount of detail that has been put in the environments of the game, where gamers can actually stop and take a look at the scenery. Especially when you interact with the BT's you're in one hell of a treat to the eyes as it feels like you've been dragged to the depths of hell to fight with your own demons.

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Another pet peeve about the game is that it is easier online because it is a love game which keeps track of every gamer's progress from the entire world, which means that you won't lose your way while delivering good , but the backdrop is you cannot interact with other player but can only use their facilities such as vehicles, recharge towers and equipment.
This helps to manage your tiring inventory space and keeps the game more interesting to play. Offline, you don't get any of these benefits so it is definitely gonna be difficult.

All in all, it is an impressive effort by Kojima Studios but I believe they have given us content more than what we can chew which makes it quite confusing to play.

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