Divine to lead Noble Esports' Wild Rift team, the first in India

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  • Noble Esports have announced India's first Wild Rift team.
  • Divine is to captain Noble Esports' Wild Rift team.
  • They have also locked in two other members of the team.

Noble Esports have revealed the caption for their upcoming Wild Rift roster today. Pro Indian DOTA athlete Divine is to lead the team. They have also selected two other members of the team, which they are going to reveal with the full roster. Noble Esports took to Instagram to announce the news and wrote, "Noble will be planting their flag in India once again to establish a new League of Legends: Wild Rift team. @divinemidsolo [Divine] will be the captain of the team and creating a roster that should be one of the best in Asia. We have 2 other members of the team locked in, but we will release an introduction video once the full roster is set!!"

divine is the captain of noble esports' wild rift team
Divine to lead Noble Esports' Wild Rift Team

They had also teased about the Indian Wild Rift roster a few days ago saying that, "League of Legends: Wild Rift will be our next move in India. We won’t spoil our surprise yet, but here is a teaser to who we are signing as the captain of our team[...]". We have been getting teasers from Indian teams but Noble Esports is the first organization in India to actually announce their plans for Wild Rift.

Syed 'Divine' Shahab is a former captain of Entity Gaming's DOTA roster and they had also won ESL India Premiership Summer 2019. He took to Instagram to announce that he will be leading the Wild Rift team of Noble Esports and said, "I've always loved being the wonderboy. Even at 24, when I was picked up by Entity Gaming as their inexperienced captain, many laughed and some cursed me. I loved sharing my happiness after winning ESL India Premiership Summer 2019 with them. Did I achieve everything I set out for in Dota 2? No. Some dreams will be incomplete and they must be given their respectful burial. Now, what shall emerge in its place in my heart will complete the dreams of a captain that I have stored for years. And of @noblegg [Noble Esports]. Yes, you read that right."

divive dota esl on
Entity Gaming

Wild Rift is going through closed beta as of now but it will soon be available to play for everyone in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. The open beta is to start on 27 October 2020. However, it is going to take time for the game to come to India, as hinted by the Devs.

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