Dota 2 Update | Summary of the new Guilds and Dota Plus Update with insights

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Finally a Dota 2 update has been rolled out for the game, I have summarised the latest Dota 2 update for you for easier access.

The update came as expected under a week as promised by Valve on its previous blog. This update comes after The International so players were expecting new heroes, however the reason for the lack of this update has also been mentioned in the blog later on so keep reading on! I have separated the update notes on the basis of a Dota Plus member and a normal community player and finally in-game changes for everyone. The original blog can be accessed here.

For the Dota Plus Members (What's good)

New Treasure confirmed for Dota Plus shop

New sets have been released by Valve which you can redeem with all your saved up shards with the latest dota 2 update. Hero sets include:

Nyx Assassin, Leshrac, Medusa, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver, Clockwerk, Faceless Void, Doom, Sven, Axe, Crystal Maiden, and Tusk.

Prismatic and Ethereal gems have been re-introduced and you can always get them by opening the treasure. A very rare courier "Blaze Hatchling" also has been included. Additionally a new set is set to be released every 3 months for the Shard shop. The next treasure has been announced for 1st December 2020 and will also align with new seasonal terrains and quests.

More Shards!

Upto 57,850 shards await as new Fall quests have been updated for Dota Plus Members! This will help you save up for newer treasures or try to win the rare courier from the latest treasure! This latest Dota 2 update is really trying to compensate for valve's lack of updates for the past.

Role assistant Hero grid

new dota 2 update for dota plus

Not sure whether you want to go pos 5 Invoker or Pos 2? Well If you are a Dota Plus member you now will have access to what roles each hero is picked for the most. In this latest dota 2 update the role assistant hero grid has been implemented for the Dota Plus members and you can also filter the system according to mmr trends!

Chat wheel Sound Effects are back! Also Pull timers and updates to the post-game tab

  • Chat wheel sounds are now redeemable in the Shard shop! More trashtalking in-game without actually typing!
  • Pull timers when holding down ALT is available for the Plus members, meaning easier access and utility for players.
  • The post-game healing and damage tabs have merged with the Dota Plus damage tab.
  • Dota Plus members can earn extra shards as the MVP feature of the Battlepass has been implemented for all players.
mvp system

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Ignore Toxic player count increased upto 25

Gaban hammer

The heading says it all, with the Dota Plus membership, you could avoid upto 16 players in match making. Now the number has been bumped to 25. Whether you dont like his picks or his 0/20/1 score, now you can pull down your own version of the Gaben hammer!

For Non-members of Dota Plus

Grinding now available!

icons of dota plus hero level

Now all players of Dota 2 can reach level 5 of the Dota Plus hero level. However to progress furthermore, you would require a Dota Plus membership for it. It is a good implementation of keeping the grind up for some players who indulge in response-reward type of behaviour.

Shards for all!

random youtube thumbnail

Yep, Shards have been introduced for all players and also you can now tip in-game to anyone. Making some good outplays in Mid? Throw your opponent a tip for their efforts!

Additionally, you can also buy premium hero sets, legacy hero sets, and tools from the Shard shop now available to everyone. But the Seasonal treasure, Chat Wheel sound effects and Hero Relics remain Dota Plus exclusive.

Guild Update

The Guilds have been confirmed to be a permanent feature after much positive feedback from the community. The rewards have been optimized for the game rather than the Battle pass as it was previously.

church of babaev

Guilds now have guild points for which players will receive rewards weekly in a tier to tier basis. These guild points will slowly decay weekly so that newer guilds have a better chance to place themselves better in the boards. This tier system is regional and will contain rewards like Shards (double for Plus members), guild emoticons, guild sprays, and caster calls!

Guild contracts and who can create guilds

Guild contracts earn both Shards and points. All players have access to one guild contract while Plus members get an extra one. Guild challenges can only be completed with 3+ members, and earn points for the leaderboard position. Playing with your guild mates also give additional points while playing matches while in a guild also earn points.

Only Dota Plus members are now eligible to create guilds.

MMR Season Reset

A new light has been given to the MMR Season reset as the devs have announced that MMR reset will be more spread out among players and ultimately, optional.

medal display

To enable this option, firstly your account must be selected for the MMR reset by the system. Upon logging in, you can go to Settings, and under the Account tab there is a new MMR Recalibration section now available. When the button shows up, it means you are valid for the reset. Always press the button when you think you are ready. Start-times will be available between October 22, 2020 and November 22, 2020.

Devs open up about the Communication gap for the community


The devs say that there is a lot of uncertainty and inconsistency for their ideas and plans and only wait to announce it until its ready for release in order to ensure that the devs don't set up false expectation in the community. Regarding this problem,they have also included some news for the community members to dote on.

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New heroes

Devs expect a new hero to be released by the end of November. After that the next hero in line is planned during the first quarter of the next year.

new hero concept art
Sorla Khan, Mazzie and Valkyrie?

Devs also have mentioned that they plan to spread out updates over the year instead of concentrating major updates during or after The International period. Let's hope they deliver!

Player Behaviour, Smurfing and Boosting problem

The devs explain that to tackle bad player behaviour and all the matchmaking problems like smurf and boosted accounts, are being implemented and worked on without patch notes with more updates being developed. Smurf accounts also, they claim are more likely to be placed with smurf accounts in matchmaking, even when one player in a party has one.

The MMR system for new accounts are also being optimized to make sure players calibrate their proper MMR faster and more accurately.

The devs also claim that they have been actively banning Booster accounts with over 14,000 banned over a span of a month with more updates being implemented in the system. However, this area needs more work and they are working towards it, with the process only currently in the experimental stage.

Player behaviour system, the devs say are being inspired from the Overwatch system,which is similar to CS:GO's. However this is still unconfirmed by the devs themselves but they soon wish it to be implemented in-game.

Diretide confirmed!? Also Performance improvements

diretide old image

Some improvements are in line with engine development which the devs will bring soon to the game which will improve performance for PCs. However look at the last line:

As you can expect, given the code changes required, the release could be a little bit spooky.

Official Dota 2 blog

Currently its October and 31st is approaching soon. Is this a foreshadow of a new Diretide event?? In context to the blog, they are referring to the bugs that might be present when they implement the new engine developments in-game, however the word "spooky" is not certainly a word often used to describe in-game bugs. Let's hope Diretide comes.

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