Dota 2 Bug fix | How to fix alt+click ping problem in-game after new update

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After the new update, players with the Battle pass custom pings have been facing a bug which disables in-game ping function which hinders a lot of gameplay. We have found a fix which might help.

The problem started after the new dota 2 update a few days ago. Players have been unable to ping the ground in-game due to a minor bug which disrupts gameplay. We have stumbled upon a fix which might help you fix it.

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How to fix the bug

Step 1: Open your game and go to settings tab

dota 2 bug fix settings tab

Open your game and open the settings tab, simple.

Step 2: Go to hotkeys tab and then customize ping icon

settings tab again with paint edit dota 2 bug

After opening the settings, open your hotkeys tab and then find the customize ping icon.

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Step 3: Swap the ! and X icons for the normal and alternative ping

customise ping icon tab.

Normally, players use alt+click to display the ! ping and ctrl+alt+click to display the X ping. You should switch both in the settings which will fix the bug and allow you to ping properly ingame.

We hope this solution helps you. All the best and Mid or Feed!

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