Dota 2 TI10 Battlepass Summer Event is Coming Soon. Yes, It is Confirmed! Discover more

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Dota 2 fans are starting to get annoyed with Valve. This is usually the scenario of every year surrounding the Special Summer Event. The Summer Event is included in the battlepass. Dota 2 Ti10 battlepass is couple of weeks old now. The Battlepass Summer Event is yet to be released. So the question is when will the Summer event release? Follow this article to find out.

About The TI10 Battlepass

In its first few weeks of existence, the TI10 Battle Pass was a matter of controversy. Valve apparently holding back genuine players pursuits of free levels and sets in many ways. This included a poorly designed Immortal Recycling System, and even the side shop which was later removed. However, you can still access the sideshop if you follow this article.

Although these changes had different effects, many fans believe this was a concerted effort on Valve's part to make it harder to earn free battle pass levels. This forces players to spend out even more cash to get the luxurious skins of Arcana and Hero Persona. This made the battle pass a major success surpassing all the previous battlepasses till now!

When is The Summer Event of TI10 Battle Pass is going to be released?

The thing which is going through all of our minds right now is when will be the summer event get released? How long more do we have to wait? Well, Not long. It is going to be released in the upcoming days of the week or even tonight according to Wykrhm Reddy’s latest twitter update.

What is going to be the TI10 battlepass summer event?

Over the years, The International Battle Pass has hosted a variety of mini-games. Siltbreaker was a top-down adventure game in the same vein as Diablo. While Dota 2's take on a battle royale was effectively shown in the Underhollow(Yikes!). Wrath of the Mo'Rokai was poorly created last year. As it was only a slightly updated version of the Year Beast Brawl mini-game from years past.

So, what will be the summer event of the TI10 Battle Pass? We are not sure about that yet. But the description given on the official battle pass website provides some hints:

Dota 2 Battlepass Summer Event
Dota 2 Battlepass Summer Event

“This summer, a mysterious power arrives to disrupt the war of the Ancients and no one, god, mortal, or monster alike, can resist its terrifying pull. Step away from the battlefield and into a labyrinth of trials and horrors. The one to master it all could be you"

This sounds like something in the same vein as the Underhollow. Players used to go through a compartmentalized dungeon full of random challenges and loot in a fight to become the last squad standing. Questions on the new game mode should be answered soon. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding the summer event and Dota 2!

When will the TI10 Battlepass Summer Event come to an end?

The TI10 Combat Pass will go away even before The TI10 comes. Valve confirmed the arrival of a new update to Dota 2 intended to start addressing problems relating to the game's troubled game coordinator. In recent Dota 2 matchmaking has been slowed down or even halted for players worldwide. In addition to that news, Valve let slip the end date for the TI10 Battle Pass.

On September 19, 2020, the TI10 Battlepass will come  to an end!

They can even extend it later like most of the years. But we don't know anything yet. If they stick to the given date then we will approximately have around 2 months to play the TI10 battlepass summer event. Hopefully, they will be fair enough and extend the battlepass summer event time a couple of more weeks due to the late release. Or may be they can even compensate us in a surprising way ahead of the TI10 event which is going to take place in Sweden in 2021!

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