[Dota 2] Virtus.Pro Prodigy roster evolves to Virtus.Pro main roster.

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It was not unexpected as Virtus.Pro's main Dota 2 roster had been under performing in recent tournaments while the Virtus.Pro Prodigy juniors were showing potential. The organization finally came to light on twitter with a video annnouncing the change. What happens to the rest of the members then?

Summary: In no interesting turn of events, the roster has been moved to the main Virtus.Pro team. The previous team also has been announced to be disbanded,however the players will still remain under contract and changes will be announced later on. Virtus.Pro CEO explains that he wished to let young blood take the spotlight as Virtus.Pro Prodigy was formed with the same goal in mind. Now that they have proved it, they have been shifted to the main roster.

Official announcement here.

About VP.Prodigy's run in tournaments

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The team has reached grand finals in five out of seven tournaments and won three of them. Quite an achievement considering they were formed this year. They even managed to take a game off Team Secret in their first match in the Dota 2 OGA PIT S3 2020 which was quite a big deal as Team Secret at that period were, essentially unbeatable by any Europe/CIS team completely in a bo3 or bo5.

Each one of their players have shown immense potential to shine and have their own moments in the game. But what happens to the main roster?

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Fate of the previous roster

solo virtus pro

The previous roster of Virtus.Pro Dota 2 has been disbanded,however the players are to still remain under their specified contracts. The team has been falling out a lot in recent tier 1 tournaments where the team is expected to perform very well as they have star-studded veterans of the CIS region like No[o]ne and Solo alike. However the team has finally been disbanded as the young blood of the Virtus.Pro organization have shown more than enough potential of becoming a better team. Announcements about the status of the former roster has yet to be announced.

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