Higin CODM Majors | Everything You Need to Know

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We will be having Higin CODM Majors in the near future. Let us discuss some key points that you need to know for now.

Higin Esports is a digital platform that helps players, teams & sponsors involved in gaming on the professional level. Recently they posted about a tournament on their official Instagram handle that will be known as Higin CODM Majors. As the name suggests, it will be solely based on Call of Duty: Mobile and will feature some of the best players in the game right now.


The format is expected to be very simple as it prevents confusion in the later stages of the tournament. There will be a total of 6 top tier teams of CODM along with 2 teams from Higin Minor. Not only the players, but we will also be seeing 8 streamers that will get an invitation from the officials. This is going to be a competitive tournament.

Phase 1- Auction

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Once we have all the players and streamers settled, there will be an auction for the teams. There will be a total of 40 players featuring in 8 teams (5 players in each team). The invited streamers will be the team captains and they will bid against each other for getting players in their team. The exact details of the auction are yet to be revealed.

Phase 2- League Stage

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As we approach towards the league stage matches, the intensity of the tournament increases. The matches will be held in a Round Robin format. All the 8 teams will play a total of 7 matches against the opponent team out of which Best of 3 will be considered. After 56 matches are held, the top 4 teams will qualify for the nest phase.

Phase 3- Semi Finals

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The teams that reached this stage will be divide into two groups on the basis of their performance. We will then see the Best of 5 rounds between the teams in each group. Basically, a team will be sent forward from each of the groups made earlier. Then will be the finals held in the last phase of Higin CODM Majors.

Phase-4 Finals

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The final two teams will have the last battle against each other to decide the champion. The format will be the same as SF and there will be Best of 5 rounds. This will be the most important part as the winner will take a trophy and the winning amount back to his home.

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As already mentioned, the exact details and timings of the Higin CODM Majors is yet to be finalised. We will witness a 5 day show that will include 1 day of auction, 3 days for League Stage and last 1 day for the semies and the finals. Don’t forget to follow Higin Esports on Instagram.

Prize Pool

The tournament will not only provide name and fame to the players, but also has a huge prize pool amount. The prize for the respected positions is given below

  • 1st Prize- 1,00,000
  • 2nd Prize- 70,000
  • 3rd Prize- 30,000
  • 4th Prize- 30,000
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Apart from these rewards, there are some feature prizes such as

  • Qualifiers: Most Kills- 8,000
  • Qualifiers: Most Assists- 8,000
  • SF: Most Kills: 8,000
  • SF: Most Assists- 8,000
  • Finals: MVP- 10,000
  • Finals: Most Assists- 10,000
  • Fan Favourite Team: 20,000

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