Velocity Gaming win NODWIN Agni Series, maintaining their Dominance in India, and securing Rs 1,50,000

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Velocity Gaming has won the NODWIN Agni Series tournament today against Reckoning Esports with a 2-0 score in the final. They take away Rs 1,50,000 as prize money.

Well, Velocity Gaming is nothing new when it comes to winning tournaments, and they have proved it again. After a month-long break, they have returned to the battle arena winning a total of ₹1,50,000 as the first prize. With an intense Valorant action that started back on August 30, the tournament has finally concluded. 4 teams had qualified for the Grand Finals on 4th November. All 4 teams had shown exceptional performance throughout the Qualifiers and the Grand Finals.

Semi Final #1: God Particles Vs Reckoning Esports

The day started with a fight between God Particles and Reckoning Esports, where the latter managed to win with a 2-0 score and proceeded to the finals first. The MVP was given to AyanQ who managed to get a total of 44 kills over the 2 maps - Haven and Ascent.

Agni series semi final ayanq stats
ayaNq stats against God Particles at Agni Series Grand Finals

Semi Final #2: Global Esports Vs Velocity Gaming

The second Semi Final between Global Esports and Velocity Gaming started as a close matchup. The first map Haven had to be taken to overtime and was concluded with a score of 14-12 in favour of Global Esports. The next two maps were not that close, and Velocity Gaming managed to win with scores 13-6 and 13-7, proceeding to the Finals.

An incredible performance was presented by Debanjan 'Deathmaker' Das, considered as one of the best aimers of the country, got a total of 55 kills over 3 maps. Although this was his last Valorant tournament, as he continues to pursue his CSGO career. He said the following earlier today in a Facebook post-

It's the last time you'll see me in a Valorant tournament. I had already left the game but roster lock came behind me with a knife.

The Final: Velocity Gaming Vs Reckoning Esports

The Final between Reckoning Esports and Velocity Gaming was an interesting one. The first map Ascent looked one-sided at the beginning with Velocity Gaming leading with a score of 10-3. But ayaNq with his magnificent Operator usage, and brz's flanks, Reckoning Esports managed to touch 13-9, unfortunately giving the map away to Velocity Gaming.

The second map wasn't as close as the first one. Even though Reckoning Esports managed to win both the pistol rounds, the map ended in Velocity Gaming's favour with a score of 13-5 at Split, making them the champions of Agni Series Tournament. The mighty 'Rite2Ace', known for his mind-blowing clutches, ended up being the top fragger of the finals with a total of 35 kills.

rite2ace on
Velocity Gaming stats in Agni Series Grand Finals against Reckoning Esports

Most of the players were excellent with their performance today. Some insane Raze and Omen plays were shown by Excali. With his teleporting abilities, he managed to get unexpected frags from the opponents back, making him the MVP of the Finals with an Average Combat Score of 240.

cali on
Excali stats against Reckoning Esports at Agni Series Grand Finals

Not to forget, Antidote, who managed to win the Operator duels against his opponents ayaNq and Deathmaker today, leaving the audience in awe with his flicks. A tough fight was also given by the in-game leader from Global Esports, HellRanger with his mind games throughout the match. Whitehorse from God Particles had fought well, keeping his name on top of the leaderboard in terms of Average Combat Score (ACS) in the Agni Series Grand Finals.

Agni series leaderboard in terms of ACS
Agni Series Grand Finals leaderboard in terms of ACS

Velocity Gaming continues its dominance in India

Velocity Gaming has now won a total of 8 tournaments in roughly 5 months. They continue their streak of winning every tournament that they have played till date. It would be interesting to see how they perform at the PVP Esports Regional Tournament in Singapore at the end of the year. This will be the first time for India to be represented in an International Valorant tournament.

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