Esports Federation of India wants You to volunteer for Daily Scrims & Weekly tournaments

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We have always wanted to elevate and promote the Indian gaming scene as it has been our dream to make it with the big boys of esports.

The Esports Federation of India is looking for volunteers who will help them in Daily Scrims and weekly tournaments for various esport titles.

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The Esports Federation of India (ESFI) is not a government body or neither a government program. The word 'Federation' can be used by a private company if it is for not-for-profit or charitable purposes. The use of the word 'Federation' is not to be confused for a government body, as pointed by one of our readers.

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What is the volunteer work required in the ESFI?

Esports Federation of India post
  • Community heads- Create your own marketing strategy, develop networks and utilise the community to your client's advantage as you will help in achieving commercial success for the given community.
  • Tournament admins-Enforce rules and deal with problems which occur mid-game or if teams are facing an issue.
  • Streamers- Stream the given game in online streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook gaming etc.. You will probably have to have a good PC and an active internet connection capable of streaming the game.
  • Casters-Essentially a job equal to that of commentators in sports, Casters are people who need to have ample amount of knowledge about the game and also be entertaining enough to the viewers. A mixture of both humour and knowledge is hard to find along with excellent spontaneous thinking and a good vocabulary and the ability to speak.
  • VFZ/GFX- Think you're artistic enough to edit videos and create graphic style artwork for the tournaments? ESFI need your help. You need to know video-editing and also have that pint of creativity.
  • Referees-Regulate matches and ensure that unfair means are not being used by parties in matches. Also enforce rules and help the tournament admin lessen their burden.

Currently, volunteers are required for these fields. Help the Indian Esports scene grow to its full potential by helping us. Who knows, maybe you will also grow yourself a network ;p

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