PUBG Mobile: Spooky Halloweek Event 2020

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  • Halloweek Event is here in PUBG Mobile
  • A lot of new things are added in the game

The most awaited festival of the year is here- The Halloween. As always, PUBG Mobile never leaves a chance to bring out new and interesting things in the game. This time too, the developers have started the celebrations with the introduction of Halloweek Event 2020. The event is live right now and will most probably last till end of the month. Today we are going to discuss the highlights of this event.

#1 Moonlight Mansion

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This is an in-game event where you have to collect Moonlight tokens by completing various tasks that are updated on the daily basis. The tokens can be given to Gargoyle which in return will provide random rewards such as character shards or special character emotes. There will be several spooky happenings all around the game till October 22 and you need to keep your eyes open.

#2 Halloween Lobby Theme

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This will provide a new look to your game lobby. The background changes to a spooky scenery of a villa with a full moon shining behind the clouds. You can see various Halloween pumpkins with bats all around. The haunted music makes the whole lobby theme match with the surroundings.

#3 Infection Mode

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Although this game mode is not new in PUBG Mobile and many veterans must have already played it earlier. But it certainly increases the hype of Halloweek event where everything is just scary. The mode is basically played by 12 players- 3 zombies and 9 defenders. The match goes for a total of 3 rounds and zombies can win once they infect all the defenders.

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The zombies have melee attack with some special abilities that need time to recharge. They can infect the defenders by attacking them with the claws. On the other hand, defenders are provided with powerful M416 and AKM that damages and slows down the zombies. They also transform into vanquishers in the last round (or when remain less than 3). You can enjoy this mode with your squad until November 9.

#4 Night Mode

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This night mode will be random in the classic matches. You will have to play in the darkness rather than the sunlight which has its own pros and cons. It is quite a different mode that makes PUBG Mobile a unique game in itself. It takes some time to get used to this mode and then you will surely enjoy it.

#5 Halloween Skins & Costumes

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Any Halloween will be incomplete without the matching gun skins and outfits. This time we are getting a Hellfire AKM skin which depicts the celebration. The zombies will too get involved in the event and wear crazy masks. This time the special outfits for the event are a Skeleton Set, Mummy Set, Count Set, and 2 mystery sets. You will see all kinds of decoration on the maps too.

This Halloween is going to be a blast for the whole gaming community. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more updates and news.

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