Lenovo launches end-to-end Esports solution for Education 2020. A basic insight on why it is good for Esports.

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Lenovo launches their end-to-end Esports solution for education as for the past few years have been a success for all types of Esports and educational institutions have found certain interests which help elevate the educational field.

Summary about what it actually is

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Dated 15th October, Lenovo have launched their advisory and solutions branch for K-12 (Online Public schools) and universities' Esports programs, with additional support for hardware and software featuring their own Lenovo Legion and Workstation devices for installation solutions, all with educational warranty and leasing options. They also provide consultation services to schools and universities for planning and setting up esports arenas and varsity teams for league competition.

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Influence of Esports in educational institutions

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Due to the pandemic, institutions have seen the impact of distance learning and also technology on a whole. The Lenovo Esports Solutions for Education claims to include abilites for students to join school gaming networks and play from home with match-ups and leader-boards to spur competition,as well as network and league management capabilities to maintain and optimize the experience for esports student athletes.

Increasing student engagement, promoting activity and interaction among a diversity of students, and advancing STEM-learning are among the many reasons secondary schools and universities are building and expanding esports programs. For example, a study (i) showed that girls who play video games are three times more likely to pursue careers in STEM.

Original article
(i)Science Daily “’Geek Girl’ gamers are more likely to study science and technology degrees”, October 18, 2018.

The Lenovo Esports Solutions for Education has been launched in the United States and Canada, however it will be hitting select markets in 2021. More information can be found on the Lenovo site.

Conclusion and what it might mean for India in the future

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inter-uni esport events are held around the world

Esports has boomed over the past 5-6 years and it has further potential to grow further as an industry. Lenovo investing in educational institutions might be the next step which would allow more companies to invest more to provide competition in the market.

Following the new educational policies of India released in 2020, states that the top 100 universities would be allowed to set-up shop in India. However, how it be implemented and what top 100 list will be used is not yet confirmed. But there is a chance of Esports programs to be included in some universities' curriculum which could mean that the Indian Esports industry, currently growing due to the pandemic might even get a stronghold and establish itself as its own.

Given that India has a large number of youth present, companies might start investing more in the scene which will also further boost the scene. However this is merely speculation from me as this will take a lot of time to be implemented, but I do hope that one day we see Indian Esports compete with current industry favourites like EU, NA and China.

Sourced from the ESFI tweet.

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