FAUG: 8 trending questions about India's latest hit

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FAUG was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games in India, the game released on 26 January 2020. Shortly after the release started trending on Play Store.

It has been a few days since FAUG was released, and many people (including me) have played the game. But still, a lot of people have questions regarding the game like, whether FAUG can run on low-end devices, can FAUG be played on PC.

I have tried to answer your most prominent questions regarding FAUG, starting with the most basic ones.

How to download FAUG game, both stable and beta versions?

You can download the game from Play Store here for android. The game is not yet available on App Store, however, the developers have confirmed that ios users will be able to play the game very soon.

How many GB is FAUG's size?

FAUG is comparatively a small size game. Download size of the game is around 500 MB, which means around half a GB.

Can FAUG run on 3GB RAM or 2GB RAM?

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FAUG has been made keeping in mind the low-end mobile device market. The game does not require high-end devices, essentially it can run even on a 1GB RAM phone. So, yes FAUG can run on 3GB or 2GB RAM phones.

Can FAUG be played on PC?

FAUG is a mobile game and has been made available of only the Play Store as of now. Nevertheless, you can enjoy FAUG on a big screen on a PC by using an emulator. Here is how to do that.
However, I don't recommend doing so because that will tear the textures of the game because of the game. Only play on PC if your phone can't run it or if you don't have a phone.

Who made the FAUG game? What country was it made in?

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Now this is the most burning question, and probably the pillar of the game itself. Anyways, FAUG is made by nCore Games which is an Indian studio. So yes, FAUG is an Indian game, and it was made in India.

Is FAUG online or offline?

FAUG only features story mode as of now, so you can play the game offline. However, you have to connect to the internet to save and retrieve your checkpoints.
According to the developers, FAUG plans to launch its online multiplayer mode like 5v5 and battle royale. But as of now, FAUG is largely offline.

Is FAUG a multiplayer game?

As I said in the above question, FAUG is not yet a multiplayer game. The game has only a campaign mode for now. So, FAUG is not a multiplayer game yet.

Can FAUG beat PUBG Mobile?

Now, this too is one of the most burning questions. Why? Because many people believe that FAUG was meant to take PUBG Mobile's place and cater to its audience. There were so many other conspiracy theories around that time when PUBG Mobile was banned and FAUG was announced. Anyway, let's stick to the question, can FAUG really beat PUBG Mobile?
First of all, it is not logical to compare FAUG with PUBG, simply because both have a different genre. Now let's assume that FAUG releases its multiplayer battle royale mode. In that scenario too, it would take FAUG at least another three to four years to even come into competition, if the developers work really hard.
There are so many other things too before FAUG can beat PUBG, like competitive integrity. PUBG has a robust competitive mechanism that includes a powerful anti-cheat, good matchmaking system among others. On the other hand, FAUG doesn't even has a competitive mode.
It takes much more than just sentiments to grow a game, you see?

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I have tried to answer all the trending questions regarding FAUG, now stop messaging me. If you want to know anything else or if you don't agree with me, do let me know in the comments below.

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