Features of FAUG and First Impression | Why Should Indians Play?

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We have compiled some of the features of FAUG that make this new game different from other battle royals in the market. Make sure to read the complete article to get a glimpse of the game.

There is no doubt in the fact that Fearless And United- Guards or FAU-G was one of the most awaited games, especially for the Indian gaming community. It was first featured during the month of September in 2020 when PUBG Mobile was banned in India. Eventually, players were searching for alternate games when nCORE told about the game. This is why there is a high demand of knowing some of the main features of FAUG before playing it.

Release Date of FAUG

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The game was teased way back and was in the news for several months. However, the release date kept on postponing until it was fixed on 26th January 2021 (Republic Day in India). The game is originally available on both Android and iOS versions of mobile devices.

Features of FAUG

You might be wondering that why should you try this new game despite the fact there are other international games. Thus, we have compiled a few points that will change your mindset, and hence you will enjoy playing the game.

#1 Make in India

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Firstly, it is important to understand that the complete game is designed in the country itself. This means that all the processes involved in development and distribution are carried within India. This directly supports the MAKE IN INDIA campaign and helps to establish a position in the market of games.

#2 Revenue for Indian Army

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The developers have assured that all the revenue generated from the game will be used in effective works. For instance, 20% of the total revenue of the game will directly go to the welfare of the Indian Army in the future. This is the reason why Indians should prefer it over other games in the market.

#3 Compatible with Normal Devices

This game does not require high specifications of the mobile run to run smoothly. Even the low-end devices can be used to run the game without any potential lag. Thus, you can play this game without worrying about purchasing a new mobile device.

#4 History of India

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The story mode is based on the earlier war times that were faced by the Indian Army. The first scene is directly associated with the Galvan Valley that will give you goosebumps. It is quite beneficial for young minds to learn about the historic events that occurred in India.

#5 Compact Size

The size of the game is no more than 500MB which is quite impressive for a game of this genre. Users can easily download the game directly for the Playstore or Appstore and enjoy the gameplay.


It is now the duty of the players to come together and play this game. All the features of FAUG will be improved in the coming days. The first impression of the game is normal and developers will bring new modes in the further updates. Until then, you have to play the story mode in the Galvan Valley.

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