Sentinels win VCT Masters 2 in the most dominant way possible

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The grand finals of VCT Masters 2 was a blast! Fnatic who fought their way through the lower bracket and Sentinels who did not lose a single map put on a fantastic show today.

The fan favourites Sentinels are crowned the VCT Masters 2 Champions after defeating Fnatic in a clean 3-0 victory. The first map, Split(SEN's pick) was a nail biter even for a grand final's opening map. Sentinels won the first half at 7-5 scoreline. The second half was where Fnatic seemed to be getting in their zone. They came back strong and pushed Sentinels to overtime. SEN ShaZhaM with his starts and calling closed the map at 14-12.

The second map, Bind was the one to watch! Fnatic was undefeated on Bind since the addition of Derke and MAGNUM into their roster. Wherever it seemed like Sentinels were getting in their groove, Fnatic pounced right back at them. The first half was won by Fnatic convincingly at 8-4 but the second half was a little bit shaky on the defensive side for Fnatic. FNC Boaster's flanks were easily read by all of Sentinels' players. Sentinels were able to push Fnatic to overtime but this time Fnatic weren't ready to give up so easily. At Sentinels' match point, Fnatic was quick to grab the upper hand and pushed them into 2nd OT. Fnatic lost the map at 16-14 and this was their first loss on Bind.

Fnatic's loss on Bind seemed to have shaken up their morale as they didn't look so good in the player cams coming into the third map, Haven. Haven being Sentinels best map kudos to dapr, Fnatic knew the fight wasn't going to be easy. They gave their best in the first half and still were not able to overcome the monstrosity that is Sentinels. They lost the first half at 9-3. In this tournament, it seemed like Sentinels were the only team who were actually anti-stratting. Fnatic played the same style as they usually play and thus Sentinels were quick to read it and adjust their playstyle. We could see SEN dapr watching flanks, jiggle peaking multiple angles and the entire Sentinels team playing slow at the start of the round and then bursting into a site when they had enough information of Fnatic's positioning.

FNC Boaster got few good flanks but that wasn't enough to stop Sentinels as they won the map and the series at 13-11 and got crowned as the world's best team in Valorant.

SEN Tenz was the match MVP with a humongous 79 kills and 289 combat score and FNC MAGNUM was the team MVP with 229 combat score and 65 kills to his name.

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Fnatic finished second in the tournament and won 100,000usd and Sentinels who came first won 200,000usd and proved that NA is better than EU, period.

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