Fnatic take out X10 Esports in Lower Bracket of VCT Masters 2

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Team Fnatic matched up with X10 Esports in the Lower Round 2 of the VCT Masters 2 and showed the world that they still are a force to be renowned with in this tournament.

After losing against Sentinels in the upper bracket, Fnatic and Team Liquid were forced to play in the Lower Bracket to still be in this competition. Fnatic matched up with Thailand's X10 Esports in the Lower Round 2. The first map, Icebox(Fnatic's pick) showed that Fnatic have brushed their problems as they took the first half at 8-4 and the map at 13-4 without losing a single round in the second half. Fnatic's greatest strength or the thing that makes them unique is their IGL Boaster's aggressive flanks. Icebox is a perfect map for these flanks as the rotations take time as the map is very huge in comparison to other maps in the pool. The second map, Haven also showed that Fnatic's aggressive flanks worked because due to it, they were able to win 11 rounds in a row and took the map and the series at 13-9 scoreline.

FNC doma was the match MVP with 263 combat score and 39 kills to his name and foxz was the team MVP for X10 Esports with a 249 combat score and 34 kills to his name.

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This marked X10 Esports' end of their journey in the tournament and they placed 7th-8th and took home 25,000USD(1825900rupees). Fnatic now will play with Version1 at the Lower Round 3.