Nuturn Gaming upset Version1

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Korea's Nuturn Gaming upset NA's second seed Version1 in a nail-biting 3 map series.

VCT Masters 2 Day 4 kicked off with Nuturn Gaming vs. Version1 going head to head against each other. The first map, Haven(V1's pick) was Version1's playground. The first half ended at 9-3 and the match ended at 13-3 scoreline. It seemed like Nuturn were scared of Version1 in the beginning but it was too late by the time they found their groove. The second map, Ascent was a completely different story. V1 was about to win the map as they won the first half at 7-5 but in the second half, it kinda seemed like they started throwing. Nuturn comeback and pushed the map to two overtimes. The map ended at 13-15 in Nuturn's favour.

Nuturn Gaming is a kind of team that start slow but finish strong and this is what they did in the third map- Split! The first half ended at an equal 6-6 but Nuturn pushed split to overtime too. The always positive V1 players seemed to be under a lot of pressure as many could tell by the player cameras. Nuturn Gaming eventually won the map and the series at 12-14.

Zellsis was the match MVP even though V1 lost. He had a 232 combat score and 59 kills to his name. Lakia was the team MVP for Nuturn Gaming with 205 combat score and 50 kills to his name.

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Version1 now have to go to the lower bracket and fight their way up back to the grand final whereas, Nuturn secure their spot at the Upper finals and they will face Sentinels for a spot in the Grand Finals!

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