FPX Valorant: FPX parts ways with ShadoW, dimasick and menegh

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FPX Valorant: FPX parts ways with ShadoW, dimasick and menegh: FPX to likely to part ways with Tobias "ShadoW" Flodström, Dmitriy "dimasick" Matvienko, and analyst Thibaut "menegh" Brognard according to sources close to vlr.gg.

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FunPlus Pheonix quickly became one of the best teams in the European Valorant region. But the team always failed to maintain their top tier performance in tournaments. After failing to make it to the Berlin major, the organisation has decided to part ways with three of it's five players to completely build a new team.

Remember, none of this is official yet and just a leak. No information about the potential new signings is leaked yet.

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If the leaks are true, FunPlus Phoenix will be:

  • Pontus "Zyppan" Eek
  • Kyrylo "ANGE1" Karasov
  • Andrey "Shao" Kiprsky
  • Petar "peca" Marković (Manager)
  • Erik "d00mbr0s" Sandgren (Coach)

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