New Valorant map 7 teaser reveals these things, possibly called Canyon

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New Valorant map 7 teaser reveals these things, possibly called Canyon: Riot has released a new teaser for the brand new Valorant map in a tweet today. The new teaser has some strings written in different languages, and four close up shots of different locations, apart from possibly a side view of the plateau map itself. The new teaser reveals a few details about the new map and further hints towards the mirror verse theory. It's lore time baby!

Before moving forward, have a nice look at the teaser image and translations below.

New Valorant map 7 teaser image
The new Valorant map 7 teaser image
Location of string Translation to English
Center (German)Divided Worlds
Bottom (Portuese and Spanish)Future Revealed
Top left (Japanese)Kingdom
Top rightDisintegrate

There is also an image in the background, and it could be some shot from inside the map. Alright, now that you know what is on the surface, let's dive in.

The new Valorant map teaser hints towards mirror verse theory

Basically, the most widely accepted theory behind the design of Valorant is that the attackers are from a different Earth and they want to steal Radianite through the Spike. This explains (lore-wise) why both attackers and defenders have identical agents. This is called the mirror-verse theory.

The new map in the teaser image looks symmetrical in structure with some new blue-coloured element dividing the two sides. One side of the map is green while the other is deserted, signalling the presence and absence of Radianite on the two sides.

The blue-coloured element in the middle could be the spot where the First Light occurred and produced Radianite in only one direction (left as seen in the image above). This might be the center of the Valorant universe, with mirrored features in both directions with the only difference being the presence and the absence of Radianite. I think this explains the symmetry of the teased map.

The teaser also contains the phrase, 'Divided Worlds', again, hinting towards the mirror-verse theory.

The new Valorant map will have two plant sites

Blue colored element in the new Valorant map 7 teaser
The two sites on Valorant map 7

The teased image of Map 7 has two plant sites literally marked. Now, the question arises, if this is the center of the universe and there is Radianite on only one side, why there are plant sites on both sides of the center, because you steal Radianite from the plant sites?

Well, that is because the new map is a Kingdom facility, as seen below, and they store Radianite on both the sites. In fact, all maps in Valorant are Kingdom facilities and Radianite is stored on all plant sites.

image 36 on

Training Grounds player card could be related to it

The Training Grounds player card was also very symmetrical and going by Riot's habit of teasing maps, it could be related to the new teaser. However, it is still unclear how.

valorant training grounds on
Training Grounds player card in Valorant

If you notice, a pillar on one side of the dead-end is marked with a yellow symbol. Again, it could mean the presence or absence of the Radianite on each side.

The new Valorant map 7 teaser has raised more questions

If you zoom in to the center of the map, you can see some machine in the blue element. It would not have been a mystery if the blue element was Radianite, but that seems unlikely because of two reasons. One, the color of the Radianite is possibly black, and two, if the machine is indeed mining Radianite, it should have been installed on all maps. So, the question remains, what is this new blue element?

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So many questions remain unanswered. I guess we will have to wait for Riot to reveal more teasers. Do you agree with my theory? Let me know in the comments below.

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