Free Fire: 3 reason why you need to use Mr. Waggor in Ranked.

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Free Fire is a very popular game which beat PUBG and COD mobile in terms of popularity. The game has a battle royale mode as well as a ranked mode. The game also has a feature which allows you to use pets in your game to provide various advantages.

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Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor in Ranked

Mr. Waggor is a very useful pet in the game. Like all pets he too gives you certain advantages which you can use in your game. His ability is called Smooth Gloo in which a gloo wall is placed every 2 minutes. The gloo wall gives you a temporary protection and can be used by your team mates as well. This wall can help you to take cover, revive your team mate or even to block the enemies. The use of this wall is very similar to the walls in Fortnite. As Mr. Waggor's level rises you can get the gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds.

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Mr. Waggor's Gloo Wall

Where to use the ability?

Mr. Waggor will come in handy when your life is critical in the game. You can use the gloo wall in situations when you are under constant fire from your enemies, you can get the wall then to take cover. The gloo wall will give you protection and help you to either fight or evade the enemies. This ability is suited for players who play offensive and defensive as it can be used to slow down your enemies as well. You can also revive your team mate behind the wall when he is knocked and the enemy is rushing towards you.

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Best time to use the Gloo Wall

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