Detective Panda vs. Falco: Pets in Free Fire

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Pets are a very important aspect in Free Fire, as their abilities can help a player in his match. Both these pets have different attributes which help the player during the match.

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Falco VS Panda

Detective Panda

 This pet comes with his ability “Panda’s Blessing” in which upon killing an enemy the player will get an HP bonus in the base level the players HP will increase by 4 and on upgrading the pet you will get a bonus of 10 HP. This pet is a very good companion for the people who have an aggressive playing style.

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Detective Panda's Ability


This is an air borne pet whose ability makes you have an advantage in the air. The ability “Skyline Spree” helps the player and his teammates to attain a 15 % higher gliding speed and a 25% Diving speed. This is especially helpful when you want to land on an area in the map faster so that you can stock up on the loot before the other players land. On upgrading the pet you will get a Gliding speed of 45% and the diving speed is upped by 50%. This is very significant during the matches as the whole team can use this ability.

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Falco's Ability

Who is a better Pet?

While both these pets are very helpful in a match to a player, it seems that the panda is much more useful for the player. This is so because it is evident that the panda will be much more useful in the combat section when you fight other enemies. This pet gives you free HP which is very valuable in a match.

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Panda Wins

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