Free Skins in COD Mobile Season 2

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The new season for Cod mobile is now live and the free to play players are getting a bunch of new free skins. Some were discussed in the previous article as well. The new season bring us new weapons as always and a load of new content to the game.

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AS Val

Rank Season 9

Both the multiplayer and the battle royale modes are in season 9 for the ranked game mode. Here this season we are getting the new epic weapon which is the QXR- Roaring Steel. This SMG is a very steady and reliable weapon which is best suited for the new players. The reward can be achieved on reaching Master 3 in the multiplayer game mode. In the BR category we are getting a new character skin called the Kreuger- Ruptured Steel which also will be unlocked on reaching Master 3.

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Kreuger- Ruptured Steel

Lucky Board

The lucky board has also been updated and now you can win the epic DRH- Circuit Board. This skin is the better epic free skin on the gun. The DRH as the community knows is a very powerful gun which has been the best gun in the previous seasons. This season too the gun remains unchanged.

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DRH- Circuit Board

Seasonal Challenge

The seasonal challenge "Rifle Steamroller" is a very cool one in which you can unlock the Epic skin for the KN-44, the Golden Talon. The challenges are very simple and you only need to use the assault rifles for a couple of matcher with the required conditions to win this weapon.

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KN-44 Golden- Talon

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