How to Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK?

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The PUBG Mobile new update is live and players can enjoy their favorite game. However, Indian players will not get the option to update the game on PlayStore. Thus, here are some ways to download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK on your devices.

There is no doubt in the fact that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now. Even after the ban in India, several players still playing it on their mobiles and tablets. Therefore, they require all the major information about having the game running smoothly. Also, the developers push a new update every now and then. As the game is not available on PlayStore, you need a sustainable method to download the file. Hence, here are some steps that will help you to download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK file.

How to Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK?

Steps to Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK

Step 1- First, make sure to have a secure VPN connection on your mobile phone.

Step 2- Switch on the VPN server and go to the official PUBG Mobile website. Just open any browser and search for "pubg mobile".

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Step 3- Click on the first link and you will be directed to a new page.

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Step 4- You will get an option to Download the file. Tap on it!

Step 5- The browser will ask for your permissions and might tell that file is harmful. But there are no potential risks and everything is quite safe. Also, you can disconnect the VPN after the download starts.

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Step 6- Once you download PUBG Mobile APK file on the device, close the browser.

Step 7- Open the FIle Manager and go to the downloads folder to find the APK. Click and install the file by giving all the permissions for the same.

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Step 8- Finally, make sure to download all the additional files within the game. You might need to use a VPN for the last time.

Step 9- In the end, you can enjoy playing the game without the help of a VPN server.

We hope that these steps will help you to download PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK and update the game. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.