Sinatraa suspended by both Riot Games and Sentinels following Sexual Assault allegations

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Sinatraa the Pro Valorant player for team Sentinels has been currently Suspended from taking part in all Riot Games' events in wake of sexual abuse allegations from his Ex-Girlfriend Cloe. This News comes on the inaugural eve of the VCT Masters NA league in which Sinatraa and team Sentinels are front contenders to win the tournament.

Riot Games announced via Twitter that the Sentinels Superstar would no longer take part in the upcoming VCT Master NA and an investigation regarding the sexual abuse issue has been instigated. Till the investigation leads to a conclusion Jay won't be able to take part in the League.

Yesterday morning Sinatraa's Ex-girlfriend released a 9-page document that contained several private conversations and an intimate audio clip on Twitter accusing Sinatraa of sexual misconduct during their nine-month-long relationship.

Sentinels to play with a Substitute

Sentinels too suspended Sinatraa from their Current lineup and would play with a substitute in the VCT Masters NA. This was confirmed when one of Sinatraa's teammates, Shazam, announced that their team would play with a substitute in the coming tournament. However, they are yet to announce the name of the Substitute.

Sinatraa's Toxic nature

Sinatraa is quite known for his toxic behavior in the gaming community. There are several pro players and Twitch streamers who have been much vocal about Sinatraa's toxicity from his Overwatch days. This would include disrespecting teammates and disregarding any of their opinions in-game.

Sinatraa released his statement earlier today in a Tweetlonger post. He hit back at his ex and said that he is cooperating with the investigations going on against him. Sinatraa has denied all allegations against him.

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