Global Esports face shocking dismantlement against Velocity Gaming in the Final: VCC India Qualifier #1

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VALORANT Conquerors Championship is brought to you by Riot Games and hosted by NODWIN Gaming. The winning team will qualify for the Main Event and the 2nd placed team will earn a place in the WildCard Qualifier.

Velocity Gaming took on Global Esports, the two juggernauts and undisputed biggest names in the Indian VALORANT scene, since its inception, in a Best Of 5, and took the series across 4 maps with a scoreline of 3-1.

The Veto:

Global Esports won the toss, with them being awarded the first ban. GE chose to ban Haven, which has been a decent map for VLT in recent times. VLT were given the first pick, and the veto went as follows:

  • VLT picked Ice Box.
  • GE picked Bind.
  • VLT picked Ascent.
  • GE picked Breeze.
  • Split was the decider.

Although, it did not reach the decider on Split, for us to reach our conclusion.

Velocity Gaming v/s Global Esports (3-1):

Velocity Gaming

Map 1: Icebox. Velocity took the first map on Icebox, which has been weak for Global for quite some time. They've had multiple close games on these pastures, and had some games go out of their hand. Velocity ended the game with a scoreline of 13-10, with both teams having great games, but VLT coming on top with the clutch performance. Rite2Ace was on fire, taking the game by storm, and winning some rounds single handedly with his impact kills and clutches.

Map 2: Bind. Bind being Global's pick, we expected to see more comfort from Global Esports on it. However, a day which wasn't the best for SkRossi, made Global fall flat, even though the game was quite close. Velocity took the map, again, 13-10, but this time on GE's map pick. VLT played an interesting comp, a variation of the Fnatic comp, but running Sage instead of Sova, which is a fair option considering how good Sage is on the map.

Map 3: Ascent. We finally came to the third map, Ascent, where everything was on the line for VLT. However, it seemed like SkRossi seemed to turn his monitor on, and started playing like the SkRossi we know and expect. Global took the map 13-6, in dominating fashion, as we expect from them on Ascent.

Map 4: Breeze. Breeze ended up as the decider, as VLT ended up taking the last and most important map 16-14, in the cagiest of affairs, and the toughest of games. VLT started the game by taking the pistol, although GE came back converting the second and third rounds, with a classic + marshall buy.

The half ended 6-6, with both teams going toe-to-toe, as they will till the end of the game as we see. VLT once again took the second pistol at the cusp of Half Time, and converted the following round this time. They dropped the bonus round, as expected and won the first Buy round. This sort of back and forth continued till, the score evened out at 12-12, and the map went into OT.

VLT took the first round of OT, and dropped the second, and this repeated again for the second OT aswell. It wasnt until the third OT, till VLT stepped up and converted both rounds, leading them to winning the map, series and Tournament so far!

Global EsportsVelocity Gaming

Finishing thoughts:

VLT have shown dramatic improvement after a turbulent last few months, and most of us had seen this coming, especially with the addition of a player like mw1 who has been considered one of the best jetts in India, finally providing the firepower they lacked with the loss of Excali and Antidote.

The Viewership of VCC Qualifier peaked at around 30k Viewers across multiple streams. This was a great sign for the future of things, and with teams like Velocity Gaming and Global Esports only continuing to put up matches like these, we have only good hopes for the future.

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