[Guide] Tips for pushing BGMI conqueror

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[Guide] Tips for pushing BGMI conqueror: Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free-to-download game for all. You can download it directly from Playstore and other reliable Android Application sources. However, the iOS version of BGMI has not been launched yet. It is expected that the iOS version will be launched in the upcoming days.

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BGMI features a lot of exclusive in-game rewards for reaching certain tiers in the game. The BGMI conqueror rank is considered the most valuable league, and the BGMI conqueror title and frame are the most desirable things for BGMI players. In this article, we will discuss the best tips for pushing BGMI Conqueror in C1S1.

Choose Your Drop Location

Before pushing your rank to reach BGMI conqueror, you should be aware of your drop location. You can choose your desired drop location on the map according to your playstyle. If you’re a passive player, you can select places like Yasnaya Polyana, Prismork, Georgepool City etc. Those who prefer rush gameplay can land into Pochinki, Rozhok, Military Base etc.

Categorize The Roles

While pushing rank, you should divide different roles among your teammates. If you’re good at sniping, you should be the sniper of the team. Similarly, other roles like IGL, Assaulting and entry fragger roles should be divided among your players, according to their skillset.

Focus On Getting Loot

When landing on your desired spot, you should focus on loot rather than taking flights. By choosing a perfect drop location, with dense loot, you can trounce your enemies with rich loot.

Use Utilities

Most of the players ignore utilities like Molly, Grenade and smoke while pushing rank. They eliminate the utilities for carrying ammunition and health kits. However, a perfect grenade or molly can wipe a squad easily. Also, utilities can be used to delay the push of the enemy squad on your team. Therefore, players should carry an adequate amount of utilities along with health kits and ammunition.


Players pushing rank in Duo and Squad mode need to have excellent in-game synergy with each other. With proper call-out and good teamwork, players will quickly get more WWCD, which will increase their overall rank. Therefore, teamwork is necessary for reaching the BGMI conqueror.

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