Has the Coach Bug scandal killed MIBR? Team part ways with FER, TACO, DEAD and FALLEN

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  • MIBR drops Fer, Taco, and Dead.
  • Fallen resigns from the active lineup over roster change.
  • The present roster consists only of kNgV and trk.

The recent ‘coach bug’ scandal led to the banning of three coaches including MiBR’s Ricardo “⁠dead⁠” Sinigaglia. He was then banned from CS GO and the organisation decided to let him go. The recent deterioration in the team's performance and an early exit from ESL ONE COLOGNE has led the management to let go of Fernando “⁠fer⁠” Alvarenga, Epitacio “⁠TACO⁠” de Melo. The changes follow a disastrous run of results since the team landed in Serbia for a long boot camp after the player break.

The IGL Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo dissatisfied by this decision has requested to be removed from the team's starting lineup In a Twitlonger post, the two-time Major champion showed his discontent with the organisation's decision. The present CS GO roster of MIBR consists of just two active players: Vito“⁠kNgV” Giuseppe and Alencar "trk" Rossato.

I leave here my immense thanks to the MIBR for having believed in our team, for the opportunities and investments made. To the teammates and other players who played with us, my respect and thanks for the days of learning we had together. And, with great pride, I also thank the Brazilian fans who built this story with us. It is the love of the fans that inspires me and makes me believe that the best is yet to come.

Fallen's Twitlonger post on MIBR's Roster change.
Fallen's Twitlonger post.