Best Gun in COD Mobile BR Season 2

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The best gun in cod mobile BR mode has been updated. it is no longer the AK-47 which was the best weapon in the past 2 seasons. This time the title of the best gun goes to the M4.

Best Gun in COD Mobile BR

M4 is the best gun in COD mobile BR

The season 2 of Cod mobile has brought some major changes to the game and is now changing the meta. The previous season had the Ak-47 and the Ak-117 dominate the battle royale mode. This season the ratings have changed, the Ak-47 has received a nerf in the damage range and in its recoil which makes the M4 the best gun in battle royale currently. The Tempest too received a buff this season in its damage range. Moreover, the legendary version of the Ak-47 is now available in the battle royale mode in the loot areas and not only from the air drop.

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Why is the M4 the best gun in COD mobile BR?

The M4 was a great weapon in the past seasons and it was already mentioned that having the Ak-47 and the M4 is all you would need to win the game. The AK-47 is no longer the best weapon because the damage range has been decreased and the bullet spread accuracy is not as good as it used to be. On the other hand the M4 has a very great bullet spread and the rate of fire is also high, along with this the M4 is a very recoil friendly weapon which can be used in the long range fights as well.

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